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societas ethica
Societas Ethica Annual Conference 2018 Conference- Université catholique de Louvain Date: 23/08/2018 - 26/08/2018, #_LOCATIONTOWNSocietas Ethica’s 55th Annual Conference Feminist Ethics and the Question of Gender Why should feminist ethics and gender be a central focus in the work [...]

Fist Annual CERC Conference
First Annual CERC Conference 2018 CERC Conference- Portland State University Date: 27/09/2018 - 28/09/2018, #_LOCATIONTOWNTheme: Care Ethics and Precarity Keynote Speaker:  Eva Feder Kittay   The Care Ethics Research Consortium (CERC) is a worldwide, interdisciplinary community committed to the robust [...]