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3 PhD positions Delft University of Technology

Tilburg University

“Design for changing values: a theory of value change in sociotechnical systems”: energy systems, artificial intelligence and design strategies. Delft University of Technology offers three positions for PhD students as part of the research project Design for changing values: a theory of value change in sociotechnical systems. The entire project consists of 3 PhD positions […]

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Caring democracy: current topics in the political theory of care

Caring democracy: current topics

Introduction In 2013, political care ethicist Joan Tronto1)Joan C. Tronto is Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota, Professor Emerita at the City University of New York and initiator of the Care Ethics Research Consortium applied a care-ethical view to democratic theory in her book Caring democracy: Markets, equality and justice, and invited scholars […]

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Contemplation + Reflection

Thursday + Friday // 12:30—1:20 PM, Pyramid Lake Room Coordinators: Neera Malhotra & Vicki Reitenauer Facilitated Creative Engagement Practices – 12:30—12:55 PM Thursday // Choose image/object as prompt for writing and/or art—making inspired by the conference. Friday // Experiment with embodied practices based on Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to reflect collaboratively and silently on our conference experiences. Facilitated Mindfulness […]

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Medical versus care ethics

medical ethics

As a former medical student – but not a doctor – studying the field of care ethics, I was always interested in bringing these two worlds together. Whereas the dominant (bio)medical ethics in healthcare revolves around four principles – beneficence, non-maleficence, respect for autonomy, and justice – care ethics questions whether morality can be derived […]

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Call for Papers: Second Global Carework Summit

Global Carework Summit

The Carework Network is organizing a three-day conference to bring together carework researchers from across disciplines and across the globe; June 9-11, 2019, Toronto, Ontario. Carework Network The Carework Network is an international organization of scholars and advocates who focus on the caring work of individuals, families, communities, paid caregivers, social service agencies and state bureaucracies. Care needs are […]

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Keynote address: Fiona Robinson

Fiona Robinson

Globalizing Care Ethics: Resisting Hierarchies and Embracing Precarity Friday, September 28th // 4:00—5:30 PM, Wahkeena Falls Room Fiona Robinson, Ph.D., is Professor of Political Science specializing in International Relations and Political Theory at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). She is the author of The Ethics of Care: A Feminist Approach to Human Security, which won the University of Southern California’s J. Ann Tickner Book […]

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Deborah Smith Arthur + Lori Gruen

Deborah Smith Arthur & Lori Gruen Magnitude and Bond: Mass Incarceration in the United States and the Promise of Care Friday, September 28th // 4:00—5:30 PM, Wahkeena Falls Room The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world; roughly 2.2 million people, including young people, are locked up. This session will explore the potential for […]

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Panel E3

Panel presentations E3, Friday morning the 28th of September. Location: Multnomah Falls Room Health and Precarious Communities Care Ethics and Precarious Situations in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Helen Kohlen (Philosophical-Theological University of Vallendar, Germany) Balancing between Precarity and Dignity in Public Health: Fostering New Normative Expressions of Dignity in the Care for People with Multiple Problems […]

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Panel E2

Panel presentations E2, Friday morning the 28th of September. Location: Elowah Falls Room Theorizing Inclusive and Diverse Classrooms Toward Radical Inclusion: Employing Care Ethics in Intellectually Diverse Classrooms Lydia Fisher (Portland State University, Oregon) Vicki Reitenauer (Portland State University, Oregon) Using Queer Praxis to Defend Against the Precarity of Care Ethics in Classrooms in an Age […]

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